DREAM BIG - Money Jar / Decal Only
DREAM BIG - Money Jar / Decal Only
DREAM BIG - Money Jar / Decal Only

DREAM BIG - Money Jar / Decal Only

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"DREAM BIG" Money Jar / Decal Only

It is never too late to dream big and save up for that one thing that you've always wanted, whether it be a tropical getaway, computer or new pair of shoes. It also makes a great gift for children/teens as they start learning the value of money and patience as they watch their money jar slowly grow. I always find loose change in my pockets or purse and I have nowhere to put it other than my counter all scattered everywhere. But like the old saying, a penny saved is a penny earned, and every cent adds up. Start saving today or give it as a gift!

- Heavy-duty Glass Jar to carry all that money you'll be saving! :)
- Diameter: 4 3/4 " / Height: 7 " / Volume: 34 oz
- Glossy White and Black Vinyl Decals of the design are carefully placed onto the jar, making it feel personalized.
- If you do choose to wash it one day, Gentle Handwash Only!

- Each jar will be beautifully gifted in paper confetti and jute twine bow so that it appears as a beautiful gift when it is opened. It is then protected with bubble wrap to prevent any damage or breakage and packaged in a sturdy kraft box.

NOTE: If you purchase more than one jar or mug, you will get refunded any extra shipping costs after order has been made! Feel free to contact me if you'd like to get a more accurate shipping cost. :)