DREAM BIG - Pillow Case ONLY
DREAM BIG - Pillow Case ONLY
DREAM BIG - Pillow Case ONLY

DREAM BIG - Pillow Case ONLY

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This pillow is perfect for a girl's room, whether they're just a little girl, in their teens, getting out of university or college or in the working force. It is the greatest little reminder for any girl to continue to chase after their dreams, especially for the little ones whose minds are constantly creatively exploring. Sometimes it's so easy to get stuck in a routine that we forget our dreams and passions, whether it be taking the time on the weekends to hike and explore nature's beauty, or taking a class for cooking, or truly believing that you can use your talent for something good and greater. Dreams don't have to be as big as getting an emmy or trophy, but can be as small as learning to speak a foreign language in a city that you'd love to explore, or learning calligraphy to pursue your hobby of hand-lettered art. God has a plan for everyone with their future and wellbeing in mind, and as you get older, it's easy to forget all those dreams you had as a child. And sometimes we have to be reminded to never stop dreaming and even take that leap of faith with God to pursue our dreams, whether big or small.

- The pillow case is from Ikea "Gurli Cushion Cover" but has been altered with my own custom design using Heat Transfer Vinyl for Fabrics.
- 100% Cotton Fabric Pillow Case with zipper
- 20"x20" Pillow Case - Fits 20"x20" Pillow Insert (Not included but can be purchased at your local Ikea or fabric store!)
- Heat Transfer Vinyl: environmentally safe polyurethane film; complies with lead law for children's clothing; does not contain PVC, plasticizers or heavy metal; backing is coated with a polyurethane adhesive; matte Finish
- Custom & Handmade Design
- The digital image of the coloured vinyl print shown may vary on your computer from the physical product.

- Choose your pillow case colour: black, white, grey or tan
- Choose your vinyl print colour: black, white, silver, gold, baby pink, ice blue or grey
***NOTE: Flock vinyl options not available for this pillow case design.

- The pillow case will be wrapped with cute tissue paper and a logo tag; then protected in a clear cellophane bag and packaged in a very durable, tear-proof polymailer.