FREE HUGS - Plushy Pillow Set

"FREE HUGS" Couple's Plush Pillow Set (LARGE PILLOW SET shown in images)

After a year or two of being with your loved one, sometimes you run out of ideas for gifts! If you're like my boyfriend and I who still loves cute stuffies, even in our mid-twenties :P, then this is a perfect gift idea for you! These Couple's Plush Pillow Sets create a meaningful gift while looking super cute on each of your beds and is a constant reminder of your loved one. Or if you live together, then they will look super cute on the bed, living room, or wherever you please, as they sit side by side. 

- 100 % Polyester Plush Fabric
- Image is sublimated onto the fabric using dye sublimation ink.
- Each plush pillow is printed, cut and made by hand, then sewn together twice to ensure the seams are well enforced and remains durable.
- Because of the nature of a handmade product, no two plush pillows are identical which is the beauty of a handmade product!

- GIRL - Overall Size: 10" Wide x 12" High x 4.5" Thick
- GUY - Overall Size: 13" Wide x 14" High x 4.5" Thick

- GIRL - Overall Size: 7.5" Wide x 9" High x 3" Thick
- GUY - Overall Size: 9.75" Wide x 10.5" High x 3" Thick

- GIRL - Overall Size: 5" Wide x 6" High x 2.25" Thick
- GUY - Overall Size: 6.5" Wide x 7" High x 2.25" Thick

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